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Possible Future Topics

Cal Poly SLOcavore is envisioned to provide multiple points of connection to the SLO lifestyle: through lectures, events and extended stay workshops. Each offering will be unique in itself. Programs currently under consideration include:

  • Ancient Grains: Alive in our Midst
  • Artisan Breadmaking and Baking
  • Artisan Cheese Making and Regional Cheeses
  • Birds and Bees: Conservation and Stewardship in Harmony with Nature
  • Building Regional Food Systems: Dynamics and Showcases of A Trend
  • Coastal Bounty: Meeting those Who Bring us Fruits of the Sea
  • Discovering Cal Poly Land and Our Agricultural Heritage
  • Dolce Vita: Artisan Chocolates, Coffee and Confections
  • Ecological Design and Green Living in the Home and Garden
  • Farm Stays and Kitchen Gardens of the Central Coast
  • Grass-fed Cattle, Heritage Poultry and Traditional Animal Breeds
  • Meet the Chef: Encounters with Leading Central Coast Culinary Artists
  • Olives and Grapeleaves: The Mediterranean Epicure
  • Organic Farming: Rooted in California
  • Preserving Foods Naturally: Canning and other Time-honored Techniques
  • Rooftop Gardens and Green Walls: Creative Use of Limited Space
  • The Fascination of Ferment: Pickles and Live Cultures for Health and Zest
  • The Ranch Life: A Central Coast Legacy

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